Automatic Die Cutting Machine

1.     Highlights of (SKM)-machines

l Heavy type machines,total weight 18T, long service life and smooth running.

l Dual time pressure 1-6 seconds.

l Main wall & fixe/movable platen is whole casting with high strength ductile iron QT600-3.

l The grippers are Solid mechanism, made of special extra hard aluminum alloy,with anode treatment on the surface,ensuring accurate die cutting at high speed.

l Germany “IWIS” chain for die-cutting is used for the main gripper transmission, prolong the life obviously.

l Manual shovel scraping with high precision.The accuracy of 5 points detect the distance between the plates ≤0.05mm

l Components

2.     Technical specifications:

Max. sheet size:               1050X750mm

Min. sheet size:                390X370mm

Stock range:

     Cardboard:              0.08-1.5mm(Vary a little because of sheet quality)

     Corrugated board:        EB

     (Allowed sheet error: 4% sheet width)

Min.gripper margin:            4mm

Max,die cutting size:           1040X730mm

Inside chase size:             1120X760mm

Max.operation pressure:        300 tons

Max.mechanical speed:        7500 s/h

Operation speed(Vary a little because of sheet quality and job complexity):

Cardboard:                7000s/h

Die cutting with stripping    6500s/h

    Corrugated board          6000s/h

Height of cutting rule           23.8mm

Main motor capacity:           11Kw

Total machine capacity:         22Kw

Max.feeding pile height:        1150mm pile height:        850mm

Net weight of machine:         20 tons

Machine length:               6315mm(including length of pre-loading rail)

Machine width:                4350mm(including width small platform)

Machine height:               2075mm

Voltage:                      380V/50Hz,  four-wire system

3.     Standard Equipment:

l  Feeder

l  Die cutting unit

l  Stripping unitoptional

l  Delivery Section 



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