The production of cartons by preprinting method is still in the ascendant in marketing. The manufacturer of machinery, printing ink, paper suppliers, and the vast majority of carton manufacturers under the promotion of joint efforts, tobring a new alternative to high-end carton production, will enhance packaging quality to a new level.
The main equipment for preprinting is large inline type flexo press. Carton preprinted paper flexo press has the following characteristics:
High printing speed and high overprint accuracy
Printing large format
Printing & varnishing completed once
The use of environmentally Water-Based ink printing
High speed automatic non-stop
Automatic control

Advantages Of Carton Preprinting Technology

With the increasing popularity of flexo press technology, the demand for web die-cutting machines is gradually increasing. Web die-cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency in-printing & after-printing die-cutting equipment. 
At present, there are mainly two technologies of rotary die-cutting and flatbed die-cutting. The web die cutting machine can not only realize the die-cutting offline, but also complete the die-cutting application of the printing machine inline.
The web flatbed die-cutting machine completes die cutting by plane vertical pressure, which has more outstanding advantages in offline die-cutting. Low mold cost and easy product switching.
The line contact die-cutting method adopted by the web rotary die-cutting machine has more obvious advantages in the application of the printing machine inline die-cutting. Faster speed, suitable for mass production
The web die-cutting machine can quickly and effectively improve the process of die-cutting and indentation after printing under the tension control system of web paper feeding. It has the characteristics of high stability, high accuracy, rapid positioning, rapid die-cutting, etc

Web Die-Cutting Technology

Advantages of aseptic liquid package
Compared with plastic bottle and glass bottle, aseptic liquid package with brick shape and pillow shape has larger volume ratio, and this kind of packing shape is easier to pack, transport and store. From a technical point of view, aseptic liquid package is a six-layer composite paper bag composed of paper, aluminum, and plastic, which can effectively block air and light, and these are the killers that easily deteriorate milk and beverage. Therefore, the small aseptic liquid package makes the consumption of milk and beverage more convenient and safe, and has a longer shelf life, achieving a higher packaging efficiency.

Product safety
The typical aseptic liquid package aseptic composite packaging must go through the strict process of food processing and disinfection. It includes removing impurities, killing pathogenic microorganisms harmful to human body, removing bacteria and yeast that may cause food deterioration during circulation and storage, for example, uht instantaneous high temperature sterilization process is adopted in the filling process

Product image
Easy-to-use aseptic liquid package can stimulate consumers' purchase desire through novel shape design, structural design and exquisite printing. It can also make the most of the design space to make various types of containers of different sizes and shapes. A variety of liquid foods (such as milk, tea, oil, wine, water, fruit juice, etc.),easy to store and store, easy to pack and transport, improve the sales effect and circulation effect of the product, and meet the needs of the product manufacturer.

Aseptic Liquid Package Technology